Real Estate Investing is
than you think!

It only seems harder because many people believe these three things:

You need to have a lot of money to start investing in real estate

You need to be a real estate agent

You have to get financing through a bank

All three are FALSE!

All you need is Creative Real Estate Investing Knowledge.

What we teach is all above board. It’s all proven. And you can acquire your first property faster than you ever thought possible – with ZERO down! 


If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, it’s not. 


With the Creative Real Estate Academy, you get the knowledge you need to start your real estate investment portfolio, along with extra support from seasoned heart-centred professionals, who want to help you reach the level of real estate investing success you’ve been dreaming about. 


You will learn:  

Every single step is clarified in a way that makes it really easy to understand!
That means you can get to investing success FASTER!

Success is created FASTER TOGETHER!

With our coaching programs, not only do you get full access to our Signature Course, you also get exactly the right amount of support YOU need to start and quickly build your real estate portfolio. 

And we make sure to answer the questions most other courses miss, like:

At the Creative Real Estate Academy, your success is our mission.
That is why we offer two levels of on-going coaching,
so you can select the one that’s just right for you.

Real Estate
(12 Weeks)

This is the perfect place to start in real estate investing. It’s also just the right amount of coaching if you’re a seasoned professional who wants a little extra support. With our Group Coaching, you get access to expert Creative Real Estate Coaches, the full access to our Signature Course, and a community of people who all want to make a difference, while they build their real estate portfolios.


Greater Access One on One Coaching
(12 Weeks)

The fastest way to hone your skills is to work with a mentor who’s done what you want to do. Carolin Gallardo has built a real estate portfolio of over $15million using creative negotiating tactics. This is your opportunity to learn directly from one of the greatest creative negotiating professionals in North America. 



“To create the new life I wanted, I had to create a new me.”

-Carolin Gallardo

A Message from the Founder

When I was growing up, my dream was to have a house that was mine. A home. A sanctuary. 


As an immigrant family coming to Canada, we didn’t have much, and the security of owning a home seemed nearly impossible to me then.  


When I got married and bought my first house, 

I thought I was living the dream. 


I was so happy. I started a family, and my four beautiful children brought light and laughter into my home and my life. 

But the sanctuary I thought I had disappeared when my first marriage ended.  

My husband had taken care of everything through our entire marriage. All of the money and bills. I had no idea what to do when I was on my own. I was scared and I felt lost, but I was determined I wouldn’t be held back or held down.  

It was then I decided I would never leave myself that vulnerable again.  

To create the new life I wanted, I had to create a new me.   

I worked on my mindset. I signed up with Jack Canfield and his teachings gave me a new perspective on the world and what I could have in my life. 

“I got my financial life in order, learning from Robert Kiyosaki.


And I enrolled in a real estate investing course. For the first time, I discovered that I didn’t need to have any money to buy a home. That was enlightening and exciting.


I made $20,000 in my first sale and I was hooked!


Now, I have in-depth experience in creative real estate investing, and I’ve acquired a portfolio of over $15 million of real estate assets, all through creative negotiations.”


I want to be able to teach what I know to everybody! My whole mission now is to show as many people as I can, how to do what I’ve done.  

I want you to know that you can become a real estate investor. You don’t need a down payment. You don’t even need to qualify for a mortgage! 

With the Creative Real Estate Academy, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never purchased a house before or you’re a seasoned investor, you’ll get the inside knowledge that few people know or want to share, when it comes to creative real estate investing. And we offer full support every step of the way. 

I can’t wait to help you start building your own multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio. 

The Creative Real Estate Academy
was founded on the values of:

Not only do we educate people around the world with sound real estate investing practices, we also give back to the community because we believe everyone has the right to prosperity, regardless of their current financial situation.   

We support charities that are making this
world we live in a better home for everyone.

We believe in making a difference at home and in the world around us, which is why we donate to a variety of charities that have similar values to ours.

Save the Waves

Save the Waves protects coastal ecosystems around the world in partnership with local communities, utilizing a unique combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action. 

charity: water

charity: water is bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries and they are on a mission to solve the water crisis.  

Basket Brigade Canada

Using branches across the country, Basket Brigade Canada delivers food to needy people. Originally founded by Anthony Robbins in the United States, the Basket Brigade Canada opened its doors in Ontario in 1993. 

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